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Kodava People and Culture

'Scotland of India'

Kodagu or Coorg Often referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’, this district is home to the ancient clan with extraordinary martial abilities called ‘Kodavas’. When compared to the more than 7 billion population of the world, Kodavas are a mere 1.5 lakhs and thus constitute an ethnic minority of the world.

Their behaviour set them apart from others

The traditional attire and rituals of the ‘Kodavas’ are strong enough evidence that relates to their ancestral characteristics, albeit there are more than 11 theories making it unclear a confirmation on the actual origin of this community. Their astute valour and chivalry set them apart from their neighbouring communities.

Lived the life of warriors

The history of Kodavas showcases that the people of this tribe have a soldier-like charm of their own for their ancestors lived the life of warriors staying in jungles and fighting invaders to protect their community.

The women folks of Kodava tribe have a traditional form of dance which is called ‘Umma that’. They perform this dance in a group to the tunes of songs

The Kodavas also have a unique marriage ritual.The sacred lamp with Lord Cauvery’s picture is considered the only witness of a Kodava wedding.

Kodava Traditional Dress: Males wear a thick black ‘Kupya Chale’ and a dagger ‘Peeche Kathi’ which gives them a robust appearance.

The kodavas are the only race in India that has been permitted to acquire guns without a licence.

Some of the most delectable and sumptuous food items one may find are Otti (Roti Prepared using rice) and Pandi curry (usually a pork delicacy).