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Cloud Valley

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Budget homestay with 5 rooms

A typical Coorg plantation cottage, from the British Raj. Surrounded by estate with a valley in front. Quaintly styled, with a red tile roof and a large compound.

This cottage has been part of excitingly good times for the last 100 years. Hunting was always the favourite past time of the Coorgs. Here the owner’s grandfather gathered with his friends, often joined by British planters, to go hunting.

In the verandah of the cottage today are mementoes of those times. The mounted horns of giant bison and deer.

Years later, the cottage has become a pleasant home for visitors hunting for peace and fun.

The food we serve seems to be loved and brings our guests back here regularly. Coorg food, especially the signature pork dish, Pandhi Kari is a favourite. The other cuisines served are the regular South Indian and Indian dishes.

A cook, and a man servant who runs errands, ensure your every comfort. Besides, the hosts themselves are around to see that you enjoy your holiday.

And if by chance you hear a gunshot during your visit, it’s probably not a hunt, but a shot fired to announce the birth of a boy child, or to celebrate the Harvest Festival or the Festival of Arms.

Another cottage nearby is available for guests, it’s built in a neo-colonial style with polished wooden beams and a large verandah.

Telephone numbers : 93417 35972 / 93413 05423

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