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Maday Holidays

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Premium homestay with 3 rooms

Ma’day holiday is a nature based camping facility started by two brothers where simplicity and adaptability is a way of life. Living in harmony with nature is a dream much thought of than practiced. We at Ma’day bring in nature at its best along with the comforts for the Adventure traveler.

Estate Guest House

Experience the estate life and live like a planter in the guest house where you are made to feel one with the family.  Relaxed evenings are supercharged with freshly brewed coffee around the bonfire which will take you far from the stress of city life.

Just a few meters away from the campsite, Ma’day guesthouse is a 3 bedroom independent house with attached modern bathroom facilities. The guest house has a hall cum dining and a kitchen. The host stays about 100 meters from the property which gives the privacy you need with a homely experience. Your question on the history or the culture and traditions of the local community and the place will be answered by the host who has detailed knowledge about the same. The guest house provides a classic atmosphere for relaxation, bonding, adventure and more…

For the people who like to indulge in food, you will not regret coming to Ma’day. Traditional and authentic dishes like Kodava pandi curry, Rice Otti, Nooputtu, Kadamputtu and many more are sure to amaze your taste buds.

We at Ma’day Estate give a lot of importance to the conservation of nature and its habitat. To this respect we have a lot of activities where the guests are taken on educational walks to know more about the Western Ghats and its functions in the ecological system, also you can get an insight as to how varieties of crops are produced here in Madenad.

Telephone numbers : 87625 15201 / 94821 92424

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