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Natura Vista

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Premium property with 4 room

The pleasant climate and the Kodava people add to its charm. An adventurer’s playground or an artist’s muse, Coorg has something for everyone. Natura Vista, lies amidst lush green terraced coffee plantations. A home away from home in the lap of nature. The estate bungalow is nestled in to the landscape and the tiled hideaways of our guest cottages lie close by. This is our proud heritage handed down by our great grandfather who bought it in 1940 from a European family.

The coffee plantations that surround the estate are the world-famous Robusta and Arabica variety. In between this verdure of green grow pepper pearls and cardamom. Indeed a sight to behold as the sun slips away into the night and the sky sparkles with clusters of twinkling stars. The moonlight casts a silver glow over the estates silent greenery, night time is the perfect time for a campfire in the cool open air, at night u can hear the gushing of water from a near by fall.

Our estate is located in Madikeri, the heart of Coorg, there’s plenty of sightseeing and heritage sites within close driving distance. Trek around the estate and surrender to its tranquility, watch for local and migratory birds or fish in the in-estate pond. Coorgi delicacies and freshly brewed coffee can be provided for you on request.

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