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Woodland Bunglow

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Woodland Bungalow is a three-decade old family-owned plantation bungalow set amidst lush coffee plantations and over-looking wet lands and enormous lakes at a distance!

Want to let your hair and inhibitions loose and relax within the property?

We would not recommend waking up late! After drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee, the pristine beauty and calm need to be enjoyed at day-break! 10 am to 5 pm is the time to relax with a book under a tree or within the confines of the bungalow!

A walk to the lakes, offers another kind of adventure and excitement. They beckon you to wander around the banks, listening to the sound of Malabar squirrels scampering up and down the trees, a couple of peacocks cooing to each other in the background!

The calm, the solitude, the strange feeling of being in the middle of nowhere will let your mind wander, do unimaginable things. There are clumps of bushes, elephant grass, trees…. have we got your brain tingling, thinking?

Imagine spotting a herd of deer, a peacock, or a couple of wild boar loitering around?

Reminds you of Asterix & Obelix in their Gaulish village, right? After partaking our traditional Kodava cuisine, you will be transported back in time to that era!

Want to learn about the finer nuances of coffee? Go on a plantation walk followed by a thorough discourse on coffee – from plant to cup!

After sunset, relax with your favorite beverage in the veranda or around a bonfire!
Do you want to strap on your boots and step out of the property?

For those who really want to go beyond their comfort zone, the famous Nagarahole National Park and Tiger Reserve (which is a mere 2 km away as the crow flies) is 15 km by road!

Irupu falls, a naturalist’s delight is a 25 km away, from where you can go on a trek to Bramhagiri hills!

For the night owls, a drive into the Tholpetty Wildlife reserve (15 km away) after dinner is a must! Sighting of game is almost guaranteed!

You just need to arrive at the property and we shall take care of all the logistics

It is needless to add that after a whole day’s activities, when the sun slithers down the skyline, one can see amazing hues from the banks of Woodland Bungalow’s lakes!

Be it a group enjoying the sheer revelry around a camp-fire, couples savouring the solitude or star-gazer’s and astro-photographers discovering new constellations, Woodland Bungalow is the place to unwind!

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